Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I was asked by my church to come up with some creative pieces for a road trip series we are doing this summer. I love doing this kind of thing and I LOVE being creative so why not use these "talents" for the Big Man who blessed me with them. I found some graphics and went to work!

Here is what I came up with, let me know what you think!

This one is my favorite, I wanted it to look like a concert tour poster. These are all of the places we will "go" on our journey this summer.

Each week this will come up on the screen with the new city we are visiting.

This was just a fun little thing I put together.

I had a blast doing this, I wish I had better tools than just publisher though...

Friday, May 22, 2009

{An American Idol}

Have you seen this? It is Kris Allen leading a worship in Arkansas. I love this song, we actually sang it in church last weekend.

I have to admit, we were shocked that Kris won the other night. In a country that feels to be sliding deeper and deeper into darkness there is a light in the darkness. We are not all lost, we voted a worship leader as the American Idol! That is so refreashing and I know the Lord will bless Kris and use him to do wonderful things!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

{the only thing leather is our livers...}

{Apparently the 3rd Anniversary is a Leather gift...we give cards and a vacation}

Our anniversary dinner started out looking like this...
And ended like this- seared tuna, avocado, coconut rice, sun dried tomato bread and our Walmart wine. To say that this was the best meal we have EVER cooked was an understatement, it was PHENOMENAL!
Cheers to more than 60 m0re!

{AND my favorite won American Idol? I don't think that was a coincidence}

{Happy Anniversary to us!}

Three years ago today we said "I DO". It was the most wonderful day and the best party I have ever been to. The day was filled with pink and green and all of our friends and family, the perfect day!

Chad helped me make this video of all of our wedding photos, Mark Parsons was AMAZING!

Happy 3rd Anniversary Honey, I love you more today than I did the day we got married and not half as much as I will tomorrow.

Here's to many, many more.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

{Its my BIRTHDAY!!!}

Today was the first day of my 29th year.
{Doesn't that sound more dramatic than my 28th birthday}

We have been celebrating since Saturday, when Chad hosted a cookout with a few of our friends.

Lauren, me and Jeanine {Jayme and Kaleigh had already left when I remembered to take pictures}
Chris K., Jonathan and my man

We had such a wonderful time, I love our friends, we are so very blessed.

On Sunday Charlotte and I went to my parents to celebrate Mother's Day and we did throw in a little birthday party for yours truly...

Tonight we went to my favorite Mexican restaurant, Frontera Mex Mex, with my parent's and Chad's momma. We had such a wonderful time, I always love me some liquid cheese!

I am so very blessed, I got so many wonderful things from our families- all new sewing accessories, a travel mug from Monogram Chic, a fancy new tennis racket, a new bathing suit AND a fun picnic basket. Hell yeah!

Yeah Frontera Mex Mex!

Tomorrow I am headed back to heaven on earth, Chick-fil-a headquarters, to celebrate with Poochie and Cris!

So here's to being 28, hope its a wonderful as I wished for!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

{Hey Annallison, I went to the bathroom and I was neckid!}

Last night we took Jack to cash in his birthday gift. We took him to Chick-fil-a, his favorite restaurant we were told, and then to Toys R Us to pick out a toy. To say we had a blast would be an understatement, this kid is hilarious!

After we ate Chad took Jack to the bathroom at Chick-fil-a and Jack came running out to me yelling:

"Hey Annallison {that's Aunt Allison, in case you were wondering} I went to the bathroom and I was NECKID" 

Needless to say everyone sitting around us died laughing and I couldn't help but laugh too, then he kept grabbing his crotch and yelling "My bulldog", he is quite the little showman...

While he was playing on the playground he met a little girl that wanted to be his friend. She came up to sweet little Jack and said:

Little Girl: "Hi, my name is Sarah. What's your name?"

Jack: "My name is Peter Parker" 

For real Chad heard it. Our little 4 year old nephew told a little girl his name was Spiderman's alter ego. Chad thought it was genius and didn't stop laughing about it all night.

So we played, raced down the slide, ate some yummy Chick-fil-a, 

shopped till we dropped...

{I included this one because I think it is so sweet}

"Where we headed?"

and went and spent the rest of the evening with Clay and Kristy. 

I guess we really are getting older and more mature because that was the most fun Friday night I have had in a long time...