Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's almost my birthday folks! Two weeks from today I turn the big 2-8! {Only two years from 30 is kind of freaking me out!} I love my birthday, it is my favorite day all year long...

Here are a couple of items on my wish list for all of the birthday faries out there {Hey Momma!}:

Travel mug from Monogram Chick
Lilly Pulitzer Latte Da! Mug in Mumsie

Swoozies' Peace Love and Summer Tote bag

J Crew Swimsuit- I am obsessed with this bathing suit. I REALLY want it {CHAD, I am talking to you...}

Picnic Basket from Swoozies- we gave the red one at a shower a few weeks ago and it is so cute. Perfect for tailgating!

iPod Shuffle- we now only have one functioning iPod. This one is so cute {and cheep} and you can MONOGRAM it!!!
And money. I love to shop so the more money I have the more fun it is:)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

{A new bowl and a new nephew}

Last night we went to a fundraiser for the Boys and Girls club in our area, I had never been to a fundraiser before. I had grand expectations, I have been watching the first season of The O.C. this week, yes I was expecting Vegas night. What can I say? It was fun though, and I got this amazing bowl in the silent auction. It is made by a local artist and we probably paid 4 times what it costs in his shop but if I bought it in his shop I couldn't take it off my taxes now could I? I think not...

We also welcomed a new member to the Eubanks family. This is our new nephew, he doesn't have a name yet but he is so darn cute! McKay has been begging for a dog, that is all we heard about at Easter so I am sure he is so excited. Well...as excited as a 14 year old can be. I am sure puppy and Jack will become fast friends too, they are the perfect small size to play together. I can't wait to meet him!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

{I'm a cheep date}

Have you tried Oak Leaf wine yet? Y'all- it is AMAZING. I have only had the Pinot Grigio blend and it is my go to wine for dinner parties and showers. 

The best part- it is $2.97 and at Walmart! We served it at the shower we hosted a few weeks ago and everyone loved it. I didn't spill the Walmart secret until I had had several glasses myself :)

It is on the end cap at your local Wallyworld near the wine and beer aisle. So, run out and splurge on your honey this weekend, I am sure you will impress everyone!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Meet our favorite little Marlin, Jack. We went to cheer on the Marlins yesterday, it was the funniest thing I have ever seen. 4 year olds playing T-ball is a fantastic way to kickoff a weekend. They only play 2 innings, don't keep score and everyone bats once per inning. SO CUTE!

Then, we went to watch McKay play. 14 years old was a lot different. The birthday boy made an AMAZING double play in the first inning, he so good! 

We have had a low key, very relaxing weekend and I don't want it to end! 

Friday, April 17, 2009

{Have you used Swap Tree}

My friend Stephanie introduced me to Swaptree and it is AWESOME! I plugged in the ISBN number of books I have laying around and then list what I want and BOOM. I am now getting two new books and only paying $2.50 something to ship my books to them. This is genius!

You can also get DVDs and CDs. I am really hoping someone who owns Shag{my FAVORITE movie of ALL times} on DVD will want to own Eat Pray Love...I am dying to get that movie on DVD.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ok, so we just played our last T2 match of this season. I was pumped going into this game, we could have ended in 4th place instead of 5th {ok, so there are only 6 teams total but that is just a technicality...} Well, we lost. 0-6 and then 4-6. 

Here's the thing though, they were trashed. I mean drunk as a motor scooter as my dad would say...it was entertaining but I am wondering how bad does that make us if we can't even beat drunk people????

And to think, I missed Caroline's Tastefully Simple party for that. I love that good food!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

{Hey, can I borrow your baby?}

This was a girl on a mission...
Check out her loot!

This morning our Church had it's annual Easter Egg Hunt. Seeing as I have no kids and I REALLY wanted to go, I called in my troops! Jayme, Stacy and Kaleigh joined me and we had so much fun! She is so cute and 18 months was the perfect age. She knows exactly what to do and kept running to the next egg yelling "MORE"! I had a blast, can't want to take little munchin Eubanks to hunt for eggs!

Friday, April 10, 2009

{It IS a Good Friday}

Draw Me Nearer Lord

"My soul is crushed with grief to the point of death..." Mark 14:34 (NLT)

How God moved my heart as I sat with His Word yesterday morning! I opened to Mark Chapter 14 and read these words:

"He [Jesus] took Peter, James, and John with Him, and He became deeply troubled and distressed. He told them, 'My soul is crushed with grief to the point of death.'"

In this scene, Mark describes Jesus' intense anguish as He contemplates the next step in His earthly journey...death on a cross. Jesus' emotions, deeply distressed and troubled, come from the Greek word "ekthambeo" which means, "to throw into terror; to alarm thoroughly." Scholars believe that in this moment the devil visibly prowled around Jesus. He was desperate to stop Jesus, to drive Him to despair, to steal His hope and belief in the goodness and faithfulness of His Father. Satan needed victory. If he failed, and Jesus walked in obedience to the Father's will, Satan would be vanquished forever! What a powerful moment in Scripture. When God's Word tells us Satan prowls around like a roaring lion, our Lord and Savior knows first hand!!

Jesus' words, My soul is crushed with grief to the point of death, reveal that He fully knew He was about to endure the sin of all mankind. The King James version says, "My soul is exceedingly sorrowful," which is from the Greek word "perilupos" which means "deeply grieved." Jesus, who knew no sin was made sin for us. His Father, our God, is perfect in every way. Jesus knew that when He took upon the sin of the world, His Father would have to turn His back on Him. He could not look upon His own Son. The weight of that sin crushed our Lord.

Sweet friends, as I read these words anew, I sat on my bed amazed at what my Savior did for me. Not very often do I deeply ponder the agony Christ suffered before He went to the cross. I asked myself, do I feel this agony for my own sin? Am I exceedingly sorrowful for my own sin? I think not. Shamefully, I realize that I rotely confess my sin, but I do not know if I ever appreciated as much as I did yesterday morning the absolute gravity of my sin and the incredible gift given me that day at Calvary.

I invite you to sit with these verses today. Drink them in. Sear them into your heart. May we never forget the sacrifice made by our precious Savior.

Father in heaven, hallowed be Your name. I praise You and thank You for the gift You have given me through Your Son, Jesus. Jesus, thank You for struggling that day in Gethsemane. Thank You for standing strong against the evil one, for loving me, for loving us, so much that You would endure such anguish and sorrow. I am so sorry for not living a life worthy of what You did for me that day. Keep my heart tender and ever aware of Your immense sacrifice. Keep me close to Your heart, show me my sin. Give me a repentant heart when I see my sin. Wash me wit h Your love, fill me with Your Truth, and draw me ever closer to You. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

{Vacation is book, the countdown is on...}

Here for one night...Where Chad will do this {a dream of his, this is where they play The Players Championship}

and I will do this.

Then, we will drive up to St. Simons for 5 nights here...


and we will spend our time enjoying this...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

{Ronald came to breakfast today!}

I entered a contest on WSB to win free breakfast for the office from McDonalds a while back, and I won!! Ronald hand delivered these and put on quite the show for us. I love a good Egg McMuffin, even better when it is free!

Monday, April 6, 2009

{Girls Weekend!!!}

This weekend my mom and I went to Chattanooga for a girls weekend {plus Vish but we love him and were SO happy to get to see him!}. We hug out with my aunt, cousin Amy, Grandmom and Amy's SUPER cute kids, Baby Vinson and Sophia. 

Amy is one of the funniest people I know {Chad, you still reign supreme} and I laughed so hard all weekend. Grandmom was full of her Grandmomisms, I swear we could write a book and no one would even believe half of what was in it! She is quite passionate about The Bachelor so that was enough entertainment just asking her about that...Sophia, Amy and I played a couple of games of Pretty Pretty Princess, we ate A LOT and I got to sleep in.

Thanks for having us Aunt Pat, your house looks great and I had a wonderful weekend!

Sophia and Vinson
Vinson, SO CUTE and SO sweet!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

{Ashley Brooke Designs}

How cute are these new notecards I ordered from Ashley Brooke Designs??? She created them especually for me so I feel like a superstar :) {I sure do with my waist was that small!!} She has a super cute blog you can check out here as well. She was so easy to work with and SPEEDY! I love these custome notecards of Chad, Charlotte and yours truly- they are perfect for summer!