Wednesday, March 26, 2008

{The Hills- Oui ou Non?}

I have always been the one to argue that The Hills was not scripted. I take it back- all of it. Monday night’s premier made me think that all of the Hollywood writers were working on The Hills plots while they were on strike. It was an hour of made up crap, and I LOVED it! It so so fun to see what shenanigans Whitney and LC will get in to and to see what work Hedi has had done to her face, lay off the lip injections honey! It looks to be an exciting season- Stephen is back! Can’t wait until next Monday!!!

Couple of Questions from this weeks episode:

1. Are Hedi’s lips real or is that some nasty lip gloss?
2. Are all French men gay?
3. Does Lauren choose losers ALWAYS???
4. Where was Audrina? Posing for her nudy pictures?
5. Is Lauren even skinnier?
6. Was Mariah Carey high?

If you could help me out with these that would be great!


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