Friday, February 12, 2010

{Snowpocalypse, of a southern nature}

So, Flip Spiceland {our weatherman, I kid you not} was correct. It did actually snow today. What he was incorrect about was the amount. My parents and Todd and Natalie were supposed to get the good stuff- 2-3 inches {don't laugh Yankees} and we were only going to get 1-2 inches. Well, at 5:00 I measured and we had over 3 ourselves up here in NE Georgia.

I have to say, Chad did an amazing job and planning our Valentine's day weekend this year- this snow is just so romantic. Good job!

Today we went to romantic his and hers eye exams. Where we both found out that our eye sight is getting worse, I guess we are getting old. Then, we went and stocked up on the essentials:

Tonight we are staying in and making pizza, watching movies and consuming some vino. Liberty School Cab is our FAVORITE and we always stock up at Cost Plus, it is only $10.

See, 3 inches. Way more than last month when the whole city shut down. I am so glad that I had the day off, I can't imagine what my commute home would have been like...

All of this happened in 2-3 hours, when we got home at 2:30 there was nothing on the ground.

We ventured out to see more of the snow. As you can tell we have a very vast back yard, we feel so blessed, so we wanted to see more. This is rare, we have never had this much snow here.

Ah, home sweet home!

Now, I am off the watch the local Fox news only discuss the snow. Nothing else is happening in the world, obviously.


Steph said...

Cute post, the snow was crazy!!!

Steph said...

Love the pictures...they are great! Liberty School Cab is fact it was the first Cab Pat and I shared a bottle of together! Glad you had a great weekend!