Saturday, June 5, 2010

{Boy, oh boy!}

I have gotten to see two sweet baby boys this weekend, already!!!

Today Whitney and I had lunch in Athens and I got to see sweet baby Harris. That is one cute, happy baby. And boy is he a flirt! I think he really liked me...:)

When we went downtown for some fro yo Whit said "Wow, being with a baby downtown feels kinda wrong" {or something equally hilarious} and she was right. We felt dirty walking past all of our old establishments. When we passed Genco, our favorite back in the day, I told Harris "Mommy and I always behaved when we went there". I don't think he bought it...

Yesterday after work I went and visited Laura and sweet baby Baxter, how cute is he! He has had a rough little life but he is so cute it just melts your heart! Congrats Laura and Joe, he is just precious!

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Amy said...

yay! i am so glad you posted a pic of baby harris! after your facebook status, i was secretly hoping that you would post a picture on your blog so i could see that sweet baby! i think he looks like john in this picture - does he irl?