Wednesday, March 4, 2009

{Java Love}

We L-O-V-E coffee at our house, like bright pink puffy heart love. My tummy does not love it, that is one thing the Gastroenterologist was adamant about, but who cares- they make a pill for that. We registered for 3 Cuisinart Grind and Brew coffee makers because we love a good cup of Joe. FYI- we got all three and it does live up to the hype. I would love to have an espresso machine so I could make lattes, but that's just gettin' too fancy there...

I believe that part of what makes coffee so good is the cup that you drink it in. I am partial to the mugs you can buy at Starbucks and we have started quite the collection but I do feel that there is something about starting your day with that hard paper cup with the java sleeve around it that sets it in the right direction. Anyone know where you can buy those?

I am always in the market for new, wonderful mugs- here are a couple that are tickling my fancy lately. Hope the Easter bunny reads my blog!

I am not sure if this would have the same effect as a REAL paper cup or not {amazon}

So cute, and cheep! {Anthropology}

Mumsie pattern please, preppy coffee! {Preppy Princess}

Cute as a bug's ear!!! {amazon}


Katy said...

I've seen the coffee cups with lids at Walmart with all the paper plates and cups, etc. Not sure if they have the sleeve though. :)Have you seen Made of Honor? He invented the sleeve. :)

AEG said...

Ha I saw the two fake "paper cups" at the MoMa Store a few weeks back. They made me giggle.

I have a version of that Anthro mug. So helpful in assuring nobody takes it. Mine is also the size of a small bowl which I LOVE.