Saturday, March 6, 2010

{You say its your Birthday!!!}

Today was a good day, I never had to change out of yoga pants. Please don't misunderstand, I did no yoga- too much vino at Daddy Hunt's birthday celebration. But none the less, it was a good day...

Last night we met Poochie and Cris and Momma and Daddy in Athens at DePalma's {YUM} to celebrate Daddy's birthday. I knew it would be a good night, they had our favorite wine, "the one with the vine on it". That is the official name if you want to find it at your local store...{it is an amazing montepulciano}

Me, the birthday boy and momma
Poochie and Cris, we didn't get to make it to his birthday celebration on Sunday so he got a gift too!
Handsome Chad, looked so cute!

We have had a delightful day. I have been having some tummy issues, not a whole lot got accomplished today...No worries though, it was nothing that the first bottle of Sauvignon Blanc of the spring couldn't handle...We washed my car, driving with the windows open and the sun shining was heaven! And cooked our homemade pizza on the grill tonight. YUM! It was amazing, you have to make it that way!

So...Happy Birthday Todd, Poochie and Daddy {all of their birthdays have been in the past week} love you all to pieces!

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