Friday, May 16, 2008

{First kiss was a sweet kiss...}

Is it bad that I really like this? Joey sang those 5 words, "Please don't go girl..." and I swear I was transported to my mom's 1991 Explorer when she and I would rock out to NKOTB. I have a perm and am wearing some sort of puff painted garment and Keds...

I LOVE this, I sang along to all of the songs, I can't believe I still know them. I will say that is seems that the 'ole group hasn't been singing for the past 15 years {in fact it sounds like they have been smoking a pack a day} and I really don't know what angle they are going to play now that they are all past puberty, Joey's not hitting those high notes like he did back in the day. But it is AWESOME!!! It makes me want to pull out my slap bracelet and hook my overalls on one side...If there is a reunion tour I am so there, I bet Cris will go with me.

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