Saturday, January 17, 2009

{Date night!}

We are having a wonderful staycation! We started the day with breakfast from Starbucks {thanks Rich...} and then in the early afternoon we headed down to Atlanta. We went window shopping at Lenox and got each other our Valentines Day gifts, I got Chanel No. 5 Eau Premier and Chad got an Art of Shaving grooming kit. Chad says he is off better not buying flowers this year, I say I did too {I LOVE this perfume, I feel pretty when I wear it :)}. He can't stand how much they mark up flowers as the date approaches February 14th...

We went over to Atlantic Station, had a cocktail at The Grape and then went to the Bodies exhibit. To say that this was unorganized is such an understatement, it was mayhem! We had purchased tickets online for 5:00 and were told by 3 different people that that just meant that we didn't have to stand in the ticket line. So...we waited 45 minutes outside, in the SNOW. Yes, it was snowing just in time for us to stand outside...Well, when we got to the front of the line the ticket girl let someone in with us from Will Call! Oh, hell no! We called her out on it and she had the nerve to tell us that it wasn't her that told us that, no apology, nothing. I think Chad will be writing a strongly worded letter, we just have to figure out where to send it :)

The exhibit was really cool! My favorite part was the area that had the different stages and sizes of fetal development. It was so interesting and not gross at all, I know Chad could handle but I am not used to that!

We rounded out the wonderful day with dinner at Dolce. YUM! Wonderful ambiance, Cesar salad and lobster ravioli! It was a wonderful staycation,  we will need to have another one soon!

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constance said...

Sounds so fun! My fella and I have decided to go see the exhibit at the end of the month...glad to know it's cool and not creepy!