Friday, January 16, 2009

{Staycation 2009}

Chad and I are having a staycation this weekend. Our Biloxi trip didn't work out and we had already taken the time off of work so we are hanging out and relaxing. Tomorrow we are going to see the Bodies exhibit and out to dinner in Atlanta {I did put a lot of thought into the time frame, should I see the dead bodies before or after dinner???} I am stressing out about where to eat, we ever make it down to the city for fun, I don't want to choose wrong! 

It is SO cold {but not as cold as it was in Chicago, let me tell you that my Old Navy coat was NOT made for -2 degrees...} so tonight we hope to build a big fire and snuggle with Charlotte.

Happy weekend!


constance said...

Fun! My boyfriend and I have been wanting to go see that exhibit but haven't made it yet...let me know what you think! Have fun!

suburban prep said...

It is cold here but it will get better.
Enjoy your time together.