Wednesday, January 21, 2009

{I want to live and work at Google}

Google never ceases to amaze me.

Did you know that you can text google (466453) two locations and it will text you back directions?! Who needs GPS? And best of all, it is a free text. Try it out!

1. The number you are texting is 466453
2. Enter the two address with to separating them: 123 Main Street Braselton, ga 30517 to 123 Peachtree St Atlanta, GA 30309
3. Watch in amazement as directions come to you via text messages (it took 3 different texts to get all of the directions when I tested)

Me and my bitchin' civic don't need no stinkin' fancy pants gps. We have a cell phone!


Kate said...

If only I didn't live in 2 of the places where no texting/cell phone use is allowed while driving :(

I think this is awesome though and I hope to use it soon :)

Kappa Prep said...

Oh my goodness! I had NO idea about this feature. Thank you SO much for enlightening me!!

Caroline said...

THAT IS AMAZING!!! Thanks, and now I will probably get a ticket for trying the feature while driving anyway.... I am a rebel! :)