Sunday, September 13, 2009

{The dawgs are trying to kill me..}

That game was a nail bitter and I didn't think we were going to pull out a W. Luckily they Dawgs pulled through and are no longer having a loosing season...

We had a wonderful time tailgating, sometimes that is just the best part of the day...

With my parents. 
{Yes, I have on white pants and Labor Day has come and gone. Momma does too though, so there. }
With our friends Erin and Tony. They are Gators but since we only play the UGA/FL game in Jacksonville they had never been to Athens. I think we showed them a good time :) 
We tailgate next to these signs, hope the magnetic field doesn't harm us!
Ahhh, Gin and Tonic my old friend...

Corn hole!
Whit and me, so cute! I can't wait to meet Baby McMullan!

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Polka Dots & Protein Bars said...

So glad y'all pulled it out. I HATE South Carolina. If the Vols can't win on Saturdays, I'm okay with UGA doing so. :-)