Sunday, September 20, 2009

{Where are all my no limit seniors?}

We had so much fun last night at my 10 year Reunion, it was so good to see everyone. I was sad that only about 100 of my classmates came, out of almost 500, but it was still fun. I didn't get to talk to everyone though, there were tons of people and a 3 hour time limit. We were not going to still be at Opera when the masses came...we are not club people.

Chad had a reunion of sorts as well. So many people from my high school went to Georgia College that he knew them as well. At least, he had a blurry recollection of them...

What I learned at my high school reunion:
1. The boys look old, the girls not so much. Hairlines have caught up with several people...
2. There are still cliques
3. People were much more friendly than they were in high school
4. High school was fun but being a grown up is so much better!
5. I have the best friends in the world.
6. People read our blog! Shout out to the Wilsons and the Parkers.

You thought I was kidding about the No Limit Seniors? Nope. So glad that Scott wore our Senior shirt to prove it...

Mandy, Lyndsey, Jayme and me.
Kristin!!!!, I was so excited to see her, hadn't seen her is so long!
Paul, Jeremiah, Joey and Chris. 
Apparently all high school boys have a 4 Horsemen group. Chad had one as well, he was very impressed...

Chad: "Oh I WISH I was a Comet. You guys are amazing!
Me and Paul. 
Funny story about Paul...He was my "30 year old promise" we swore that if we weren't married by the time we were 30 we would marry each other. That seemed so old at the time...


Amy said...

love your memories from 1999 in the previous post and now what you learned at your reunion - all valuable lessons - ha! =) you are so funny!
my husband knows who chad is...i guess from ga college, too. small world!

Caroline said...

I am giggling.
Glad yall had fun, and LOVE the lists that you learned... you're so wise! (And smokin' hot in the pink dress!!)

Nicole W said...

Yay!! We made it on your blog! It was so good to see you guys!