Thursday, September 17, 2009

{We're going to party like it's 1999}

This Saturday is my 10 year high school reunion. Nothing has made me feel more old. Not getting married, not buying a car, not buying a house, not starting a 401K. Nothing makes you feel more old than going to your high school reunion. I still think of myself as a 24 year old fresh out of college with my first big girl job...

It has been so fun to see the pictures on our reunion Facebook page. Thanks to Facebook I will sound like a stalker when I see people and say "Oh, your baby is so cute" or "How do you like your job at XYZ company" I hope they don't mind...

Back in 1999:
- My nephew Nathan was born.
- PCB '99- Senior Spring Break was in PCB, where I saw Kilo Ali in concert at Club Lavilla. Let that sink in for a moment.
- The Columbine tragedy happened a month before I graduated. That caused so many bomb scares at our school, we spent a lot of time on the baseball field that month.
- I thought I would never get over my first heartbreak.
- I thought my world would be over because only Whitney and Chris K. and I were going to UGA. All of my other friends were going to Georgia Southern or Georgia College. Little did I know that all of these friends had such a special place in my life that we would continue to be friends to this day.
- I was so dang skinny.
- I worked at the Limited Too
- Capri pants became popular, I always wore them with a white shirt and my hair in 6 butterfly clips and thought I was so stylish
- Whitney, Kristen, Katie and I were inseparable.
- My parents moved to our lake house at the end of the summer. Thanksgiving breaks in college always stressed me out because all of my friends were home and I no longer lived there.
- Katie, Kristen and I didn't go to prom. We went to the lake for the weekend and had a blast.
- My hair was so highlighted that I looked absolutely redonkulous. I would have it pulled through a cap and then bleached! Not cute with dark eyebrows...
- We were the senior soldiers. We thought we were so cool and work camo to the homecoming football game.
- We spent every weekend at Chris K's house and always had a blast.
- Life was so simple and carefree and I didn't even know it!

Life was good but I wouldn't go back for all the money in the world. I am so excited to see my old friends, I haven't seen Kristen in at least 6-7 years. Back on Sunday with a full report!

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