Saturday, January 16, 2010

{Gettin' our fitness on...}

Maybe some people just aren't gym people. As you know one of our goals for 2010 is to become healthier {Chad has lost 18 pounds since our Biloxi trip, me 4. I told him if he ever weighs less than me I will spontaneously explode. I thought that was fair}.

Today we ventured to The Gym. This gym which has taken our money each and every month for the past 3 years and we don't go, ha jokes on them- we don't pay for Chad!

Chad thought that today he would tag along and as the say so eloquently on The Jersey Shore, "Get his fitness on". There he was walking along slowly, getting back into the swing of things, when suddenly a man and wife workout duo, the likes of which he had never seen, walks in and takes the two treadmills on each side of him. He recounted later to me, as if giving a description to Elliott on Law and Order:SVU, what he was put through in those 30 minutes he was trying to do cardio.

Their workout began at a feverish pitch, each one increasing the speed with every passing of the second. Nosies, only common to a R rated movie {or worse!} were coming from each side of him, each person building off the other. Suddenly, they were looking through him and into each others eyes and reaching across his machine. Then, as quickly as it began, it was over. He later asked himself, was I just involved in some sort of fitness menage a trios? All I know is as we departed the gym Chad took a 50 foot "walk of shame" as the couple shared a cigarette outside.

Some people just aren't meant to be gym people. Are we?

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Katy said...

First of all...gross. Poor Chad, not what you expect at the gym. Second, 18 pounds since Biloxi? A man's ability to lose weight that fast makes me SICK!Congratulations on your 4...I think there is some sort of conversion like dog years that would somehow make that even. :)