Friday, January 8, 2010

{Snowstorm. 2010}

Yall. It snowed! And while all you people in the great white north may know how to handle the beautiful white powder we do not down here in the South...all of Atlanta shut down today.

We heard all week that it was going to snow on Thursday afternoon. This is what I came home to. Awesome.
Then, at 9:00 when I took Charlotte out all of this had fallen. I missed it!
I call this photo, Puppy Paws in the Snow

Look at all of the snow, it is a blizzard!

I went in to the office at lunch time and it was an easy commute and the city was very empty. The city had WAY more snow/ice then we had up here in the sticks, what a disappointment!

I don't think we ever got over freezing today so we are holed up with Charlotte {who is wearing her super cute purple sweater} and a fire just trying to stay warm!

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