Thursday, April 8, 2010

{Tiger, Pat Conroy and Cheese}

Spring Break '10: Day 2

This morning we woke up early, too early for my taste, and started a day of nothingness. It was amazing!

We started the day by drinking our coffee and eating breakfast watching the golf channel. To say that Chad is obsessed with golf, and Tiger Woods, is an understatement. Golf is his passion and he admires Tiger's golf ability, his character no, his ability yes.

This new Nike is amazing, as an Advertising major college I am one of the few people who actually enjoy ads. I love diving into the deeper meaning of them, determining who their target audience was intended to be and to try to see if I understand.

This one is right on par {ha ha ha}. It is Tiger's dad's voice in case you didn't know before watching, we didn't the first time we saw it.

After a leisurely morning of going to the driving range for Chad and reading on the porch for me we went to the outlets. It was insanity, there was nothing I needed from Michael Kors, J Crew, Ralph Lauren or even Brooks Brothers that would make us fight that crowd. Brooks Brothers was a respite from the storm, I guess people on Spring Break don't really shop there, they don't wrap hair or sell henna tatoos.

Chris gave Chad one task to do before he got here 1) find a liquor store and 2) find a cigar store. Well, we found the mecca for both- it was a strip mall that was a cigar store, liquor store and wine/cheese store all in a row. I love me some cheese, it should be its own food group and consumed daily. They had samples and I asked if we could move in. They said no.

Have I showed you the view on the porch? Yeah, its awesome.
It has been in the 60's and overcast today so not exactly beach weather...

The view from my lounge chair. Chad has been watching the Masters on the computer and I have been reading, South of Broad by Pat Conroy {so, so, so good} if you must know.
Cocktail hour with the Eubanks!

Yes, that's right I have on a t shirt and no makeup. I am in heaven!

Mandy and Chris are on their way, should be here in about an hour and a half. Tomorrow will be golf and beach weather and hopefully we will get some color on our pale legs.

And best thing about day 2 of Spring Break 2010? Baby Boy Carden was born today at 3:04!! I can't wait to meet him, kiss and hug him and tell him all of his momma's deep dark secrets from college. Congrats Laura and Joe!


Big Val said...

I didn't know Laura had her baby!! I enjoy the day-by-day update. Have fun!!

Seersucker Scrapper said...

Looks like heaven.

I agree with you on the cheese! Every day!

Steph said...

I have come across that book a couple of times now and always almost get it and then don't for some reason! I might have to try it after your recommendation! Have fun!

DSS said...

We have watched that commercial like 20 times in the office today. Everyone trying to figre out what they think it in "Tiger is thinking this is what his father would be saying to him...", etc.

I've decided that I like the commercial. I like it a lot. And I've never been a Tiger Woods fan. But the commercial is brilliant!