Saturday, July 26, 2008

{Happy Weekend!}

We have been busy around our house. We talked about putting our house on the market and moving and realized we just wanted to stay here and pay off ALL of our debt. It would be so great to be completely debt free when mini eubanks arrive one day...We did a complete overhaul of our budget and spending habits and I think this will be really good for us! No more cleaning lady :(, no more Netflix, no more Dish Network...NO MORE DEBT!!! 

Today we cleaned our all of our drawers and closets and are giving tons away and I am selling some things on eBay. I have never done the eBay thing so we'll see how this works. I am selling some handbags (Michael Kors, Coach, Vera...) and hope to make just a little dough while cleaning out my closet.

I leave you with a photo that makes me want to buy Lilly, clearly this marketing tactic works...


magnoliabelle said...

Hiya! Tagged ya!

Kappa Prep said...

LOVE the photo and congrats on the life changes. It will be so good and worthwhile!