Monday, July 28, 2008

{Laundry, Tennis, Dishes and Mad Men}

Well, we did loose but we didn't get our beehinds kicked :) They did ask if we worked, never had that question asked of me before...We lost the first set, won the second {quite soundly} and then lost the third. I will have to say that 26 pounds lighter does help the tennis game!

Our weekend was so laid back, it was WONDERFUL! I got home from work on Friday around 2 and I didn't leave my house until last night at 6 to play tennis! Every towel, sheet, piece of clothing and dish is clean in my house and I have cleaned out all of the drawers and closets to donate to charity. I watched tons of movies this weekend and slept late. I am so relaxed!

We watched Mad Men last night. LOVE it. I was an Ad major in college {why I didn't feel the need for a skill I do not know} and I think that made me love the show even more. I will definitely watch again. I loved the clothes!

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Kappa Prep said...

I spent last weekend watching movies and organizing. It was such a great feeling to be done and still be so relaxed!