Friday, September 26, 2008

{Black out Bama}

I am so pumped for this weekend, there aren't enough words. After this LONG, draining week I am looking forward to sporting some black and kicking Alabama into next month. Kirk Herbstreet {hello hottie} will be there as will all of those people who called in sick to work all week so they would have enough gas to make it to Athens.


The Auburn game last year was so amazing, the black out really works. AND the new outfits are a nice change:) I hear that Alabama is going to White it Out. Are you joking, that is like the least scary color EVER. I guess Saban wants to show off his fake bake tan more, white should do it.

Lets not even get into the fact that USC lost last night. This will be an interesting weekend. I only have one thing to say:

Glory glory to 'ole GEORGIA!


AEG said...

I cannot propery express my love for one Mr. Kirk Herbstreet.....I have been obsessed for years.

Grits said...

Have fun in Athens and tell Kirk and Mark Richt (also an older hottie in my mind) hello! Go Dawgs!