Thursday, September 18, 2008

{Wedding Recap}

I am very blessed to have an amazing group of friends from high school. There are about 12-15 of us that have all kept in touch and are really good friends, even after 10 years! The girls have a super club that meets once a month and the guys all play poker together all of the time. We have left the drama behind and now just enjoy each other's company. We are also blessed by the fact that our friends have married good people. Now the group is just growing and I find myself with even more good girlfriends then before! They have accepted Chad and I think he really enjoys hanging out with them! The wedding this past weekend was for Erik {whom I have been friends with since 10th grade} and Caroline. Caroline worked with my good friend Mandy and introduced them, the rest is history! This weekend was SO fun. We all hung out at the pool, went out to dinner, the guys played golf and I snuck in some spa time. Now we just need someone else to get married at the beach so we can do it again!

BFF Katie and me laying by the pool enjoying some cocktails

Chad and me at the rehearsal dinner.
The girls at the rehearsal dinner

Creepy man who crashed the party but in the end gave us a free bottle of bubbly!

Our gift to them, airbrush tshirts to remember the weekend!

Poker in the hospitality suite after the rehearsal dinner.

Erik waiting for his bride

The happy couple!
Caroline's amazing dress, her mom made it!
She looked so pretty!
Where Chad and Chris could be found for most of the night...
Chris K. kept us informed on the UGA/South Carolina game. GOOOO DAWGS!

I think this will be our Christmas card picture!

Katie and me at the wedding.

The boys at the end of the night. Lots of yummy food, cocktails and dancing. A perfect wedding!!

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Kappa Prep said...

LOVE your Christmas card photo! It is so good of both of you!