Tuesday, September 23, 2008

{Gossip Girl and Lilly Ads}

I LOVE Gossip Girl, I think it is the smartest written show on TV. I am not exaggerating or trying to be funny, Blair is a riot! We were able to watch last night since our tennis match was over by 8:00, we started at 7:00 people. The jackass we played was kind enough to tell us we ranked ourselves to high. Thanks dude, losing 6-3 & 6-0 kind of clued us in on that...I thought Chad was going to kill him...

If you watch Gossip Girl you MUST check out this NY Magazine article. They write each week recapping the episode from the night before and it is pee in your pants funny! Check it out.

I got this email from Lilly yesterday, I love their adds. I can so picture Chad and me {with a sweet little Cockapoo instead of labs} in this picture, I think Chad would wear it!


Kappa Prep said...

I got this email yesterday and it my favorite one for this fall. I have the dress and adore it. I now need to find myself a boy that will wear the pink cableknit so we can reproduce this shot!

Kate said...

I love that GG article. I will start reading each week now :)