Wednesday, September 10, 2008

{ESPN is no fan of the Bulldogs}

So in the game against Central Michigan Knowshawn Moreno made the most unbelievable play I have ever seen. I jumped and screamed and could not believe my eyes- he hurdled a Central Michigan player!

I was so impressed and I just knew this was going to make Sports Center and all the highlight reels. I mean come on, we are the #2 team and this is a heck of a play. Well, I stayed up late Saturday night to watch and nothing! All that ESPN talked about with the defensive touchdown we got and all they could say about it was how slow the guy ran. Are you kidding? We won 56-17, we hurdled a guy and we are ranked #2, in the nation. Whatever, I thought I was just paranoid. Guess not, looks like Yahoo agrees!!! Kirk Herbstreet, you are so stinkin' cute I don't want to dislike you. But I think I am about to have to start unless you give my Bulldogs the respect they rightfully deserve!

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Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I agree- so crazy not to report on this amazing play! I really hope we can continue down this awesome path this year. Gooo dawgs!