Tuesday, October 14, 2008

{Where will we be lead?}

"Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government."- Thomas Jefferson 1789

The times, they are a changin'. In the article What's "in" is now 'out" the author speaks to how much change we are about to see. I agree that this change will be coming soon and I don't think it will be such a bad thing, the greed and materialism in the country has spun out of control. {Just watch Bravo for one night} I know so many people who worked in the mortgage industry who made a KILLING! {I know we don't want to hear that example anymore, talk about beating a dead horse}

I am middle of the road, leaning slightly to the right, and I like to read as much as I can on all of the topics that are affecting us right now. I am a McCain supporter, I do not care that that is not "in". I am irritated {this is my personal opinion} that my generation tends to support Obama because Hollywood does and it is the "cool" thing to do, I am sure many people I know could not tell me WHY they support him. I do agree with Obama on several items, the environment, abortion, etc, what I consider "social" issues but those are not issues that I feel need to determine our next leader.

Our next leader needs to have experience. We are not well liked in the world and I respect John McCain's experience in the military and feel that we could greatly benefit from that. I do not feel that we should pull all our our troops from Iraq, I think that could be detrimental to all that we have accomplished.

I do not feel that my tax dollars should be used to benefit those who do not work. It is not my job to go to college, get a job, work 50-60 hours a week to help those "behind" me as Obama likes to put it. I work hard, pay my taxes, to support MY family.

I fear that what is being reported on is biased and we fail to realize it. There are so many impressionable citizens that do not understand that the media is SO VERY liberal and are slanted in their reporting. As my friend Erin puts it, "You should have to take a test to do 3 things in this country- drive, be a parent and vote".
I do not think that we should legalize all of the immigrants that are in the country right now. There are rules and laws, processes and procedures for a reason. I think we should patrol our boarders more.

I hope that the citizens of this country do educate themselves before they head to the polls on November 4th or folks, we are not going to be lead to anywhere I want to be...

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Lizzie said...

Amen! I completely agree! People are just waiting to be "saved" and thats not how it works.