Monday, February 2, 2009

Chad and I had a wonderful, relaxing weekend down at my parents house. We arrived on Friday night to Big Val making brownies. They were divine! We relaxed and ate all weekend long, it was wonderful. Chad said one of the funniest things I have ever heard, I just had to share.

We were eating dinner on Saturday night and were drinking our {third bottle of} wine when I got all fancy pants on Daddy's fancy pants wine and started talking about the tannins.

Me: "blah blah blah look, you can see the tannins, this wine is so good yada yada yada..."

Chad: "Are tannins hair? Because yeah- I've got some of those in mine too..." He says it so serious I just died laughing!

We got to spend time with Chad's family too {where we ate tons more food} and watched the Super Bowl at my brother and sister in laws house. It was fun to get the hang out with my nephews Jack and McKay, they are always entertaining! Back to the real world today, we are both feeling a little under the weather {but I expect us to make a full recovery!}

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