Saturday, February 21, 2009

{When will I realize...}

*My friend Stephanie did this on her blog and I loved it {so I copied it :)}

  • that money does not grow on trees and there will never be enough.
  • that you have to put something into worship in order to get something out.
  • that I do not look like the picture of myself in my head.
  • you have to exercise to loose weight? {good one Steph}
  • girls are crazy!?!?!
  • you will not remain friends with someone forever, sometimes you grow apart.
  • my husband IS usually right {not always but most of the time}
  • vegetables are good for me and I need to eat them
  • coffee and red wine are not good for IBS
  • peanut butter covered in chocolate is not a "healthy protein filled snack"
  • I will never weigh what I did in high school
  • I may never find Shag on DVD
  • everybody is battling something, you just may not know what it is 
  • all you need is love
  • no TV show will ever live up to Friends or Felicity
  • Chick Fil A is not good for you
  • college was not the best time of my life, the best is yet to come
  • the lessons God has taught me over the years
  • words hurt more than anything
  • bananas are gross- stop eating them!
Play along, this is fun!


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

So cute! I like bananas but think eggplant is gross and everyone should just stop eating that!

constance said...

I love Shag! I wish I could find it on DVD...I have to rent it every few months or's one of my guilty pleasures!

Steph said...

Nice work Allison! I like bananas and eggplant, but hate pickles and think everyone should stop eating them! :) See you at work tomorrow!