Monday, February 9, 2009

{My little trip to the mother ship...}

Okay, so lets get one thing straight- I LOVE CHICK FIL A. When we were little we would NEVER eat there, my mom thought it was too expensive. The only time I remember eating there was when we would go to Lenox, don't know why, and I always had to eat a chicken salad sandwich. So know I guess I think of it as a treat, and I am making up for lost time...

Well let me tell you, I love it even more now! This is such an amazing company and my Poochie is just so lucky to work there!

I got the the compound, it was huge, and drove through the trees, by the lake and the jogging trails. When I got out it smelled like Chick Fil A, yum!! After I got my picture taken and signed in Poochie took me on the tour of the museum and up to see his cube. Then, we went to LUNCH! This is amazing, there was so much offered I had a hard time choosing! I ate a Chick Fil A sandwich, salad {it was a HUGE salad bar} and some soup. Poochie ate sweet and sour chicken, fried rice and humus and pita {I might have had some of it too...}. Then we split a piece of cake, the milkshake maker was off for the afternoon :). I wondered why everyone was 1,000 pounds and then I saw the gym- it was amazing!

It is amazing how well they take care of their employees- food, gym, flexible with Poochie's schedule and an amazing Christian workplace. Everyone looked so happy to work there, they were so friendly! It was a lovely lunch, I can't wait to go again and visit.

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Kappa Prep said...

What a fun and filling way to spend your lunch hour! I am glad you had such a great visit and got to enjoy an amazing meal surrounded by wonderful people!