Wednesday, June 11, 2008

{Catch up}

This new job is wearing me out! I am working so much I have little time to blog :)

I finally saw SATC this weekend, I love it {I am seeing it again this Friday night for supper club} but I will say I was a bit disappointed in it. Samantha was a little disappointing, why did Lily not speak {she 4 years old for goodness sake} and I thought Jennifer Hudson's character was a bit out of place...Also, I didn't love the way Carrie handled the whole Big situation, I thought it was a bit immature. I know, I know it was a movie and I LOVED it, those are just some thoughts. I do love my girl Charlotte though {even more after the Mexico scene, that was almost me last week :)}.

I inherited some of my grandparents things this weekend. I got two wing back chairs that I will recover and a drum top table. I also got lots of napkins too. They had a yard sale and made $1,100, that shows how much stuff they had- these items were a quarter people!

We got to hang out with the Fowlers and the Mullins on Sunday night and had a blast! I never get to see Mandy and Chris and it is always fun to see little Kaleigh. Overall it was a great weekend, just trying to make it to the next one. I can't wait to get to the lake and relax!

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