Monday, June 23, 2008

{Bad case of the Mondays}

Hello all. I am quite sad to be at the office today, I love these summer hours- leaving at 1:00 on Friday makes the weekend seem so much longer! We had a jam packed weekend, it was wonderful!

  • I checked out the Braselton library for the first time on Friday afternoon- too cute! I got a couple of books and 2 books on tape. I have never listened to a book on tape before, I LOVE to read so I thought I would be missing out on something. Not the case, AT ALL. I have an hour or more commute each way so this is the perfect solution! Right now I am listening to Hissy Fit by Mary Kay Andrews, SO CUTE!! Since my wedding reception was in Madison and my parents live down there is holds a special place in my heart.

  • Laid out with Lauren at the Traditions pool. Love this neighborhood, such pretty houses!

  • Got a mani and a pedi, I don't love my toes and fingers unless they are BRIGHT red!

  • Strolled though the Braselton Antique stores, saw about a millions things I can't live without. Well, I guess I can live without them, I didn't buy a thing!

  • Cooked out and chilled in the backyard with Charlotte and a yummy Gin and Tonic on Saturday night. We watched Finding Amanda on pay per view, it isn't out yet but had a GREAT cast. It was a good movie, had some hilarious lines!

  • Played golf with the in laws on Sunday afternoon at The University of Georgia course. I shot a 122, not bad for the 3 time I have ever played!! My goodness are Chad and Clay intense about this game!

  • Looked at a Civic Hybrids and a Prius. Keeping our fingers crossed that the used Prius we found will still be available tomorrow when Chad goes to talk to them! It is hard to believe that we would save money if we got this car...stupid gas guzzling SUV.

Oh, and by the way...the cleaning crew came on Friday and my house is AMAZING! I don't think it has ever been this clean. Everything is so shiny! I highly recomend Razzle Dazzle!


Kappa Prep said...

Thank you for the sweet purse comment. It is my favorite for summer, in fact I bet I use it too much. I got it at this amazing shop, Catherine, in Paris two years ago. I have the same style in a tan ostrich and use it all the time to. If you are ever in Paris you simply must visit Catherine, it is amazing and not overun by tourists. I read about it in a Paris shopping guide four years ago and have bought a bag there every visit since!

Sweet Surcees said...

Hi! I just stumbled upon your blog (mid-afternoon work break and I've gotta check the blogs...) and I realized you are looking at hybrids! My hubby and I just put a deposit on a hybrid Civic - there were none available locally, so we ordered a new one. It is currently on its way over from Japan - a brand new one! I am super excited about it. And though I've never driven one, I hear it isn't much different from a regular car. So glad other preppy gals in blog land are exploring the option of hybrids!!!