Sunday, June 29, 2008

{Preppy Haze Favorite Things: Summer Edition}

Hola all and happy weekend! Here are items that make a happy summer, Preppy Haze style:

  • Screen porches- last night we went to a soiree for our dear friends Caroline and Erik {hi Caroline!!} who are tying the knot this September. The party was on a "farm" {there were no animals just endless miles of rolling green land and lakes} and after a short summer sprinkle the sun was shining as it was setting and it was absolutely beautiful! It was so nice sitting with good friends on a screen porch {where the HUGE GA skeeters can't get you} and a cocktail.
  • Pool time- I am about to go out to the pool and read, favorite summer past time. I added a summer reading list to the side, I hope to read all of those books this summer! I just finished Hissy Fit {listening to it actually on my commute} it was AMAZING!
  • Summer hours at work. Amen is all I can say, they are wonderful!
  • 4th of July Hunt Shindig- My parents started a tradition a few years ago where everyone- on both sides of my family, come to my parents house for a 4th of July celebration. We haven't had it the past two years because we saw the fam at my wedding in 2006 and Poochie's last year. It should be fun, this will be the first party Chad has made.
  • The Lake- my parents live on Lake Oconee and I love getting to spend weekends down there in the summer. It is so relaxing and peaceful. Plus, both brothers and families are usually there so it ends up being a party!
  • Grilling out- Our favorite thing to do on a Saturday night is to get some apps and cocktails and grill out, just the two of us. I am so blessed to be married to and live with my very best friend, we tend to talk about our hopes and "dreams" for our life { I think it tends to be the cocktails talking} but it always amazing to hear my husband's unwavering ambition, makes me love him even more!
  • Sundresses, 'nough said.
  • Flip flops- I am loving my Jack Rogers that I got back in May. I am STILL waiting on my Bonnano's that Chad got me for my birthday. 7 weeks and counting...
BTW- today we had communion at church and a woman sang "How Beautiful". This is one of the most beautiful songs and was sang at our wedding. Needless to say I was crying like a baby. Chad is working so I looked like a crazy lady sitting by myself crying like a fool. Amazing the emotions that He brings out when He is was an amazing morning at Church.

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