Friday, June 6, 2008

{O Happy Day}

{This is a random, all over the place post}

Today is going to be a good day. I went to Starbucks this morning {I needed a non dairy creamer for my coffee due to unfortunate Mexican parasite/bacteria that has invaded my digestive track} to get a Tall {the smallest size} Sugar Free Soy Vanilla latte, yummy with a capital Y...I paid my $4 {rip off, I go to a different coffee shop down the street and a LARGE coffee is $1.90!} and get to the window and they accidentally made me a venti {the largest size}! Thank you, Jenny Craig herself my come and rip this out of my hands it has so many calories in it, I like to eat my calories rather than drink them {who am I kidding, I am the first to grab a cocktail at Happy Hour}. But it was SOOOOO good and such a good treat. Then, my dear Lauren called me and I got to chat with her on the way to work.

And...drum roll please...I got a new job. Well, technically it is the same title and it is at the same company but I am now on a new team. I am now responsible for all of our Current Customer Marketing and 4 new clients. I have been doing the same job, for the same client, on the same team for over 4 years, I gladly welcome this change!

It is AMAZING how prayer works...I prayed for a new job, I mean I drive 45 miles one way people, and my Sunday School class prayed for a new job for me, and my Small Group prayed for a new job for me, and my parents prayed for a new job for me and Marc and Cris have prayed for a new job for me...You get the picture. It is amazing how He works, I got the new job. Not what I pictured, I thought I would be closer to home, but I still got what we ALL prayed for.

On a different note, I am obsessed with this site. It has the cutest preppy items I have ever seen. I LOVE the monogrammed "Croakies", perfect for the lake!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. We will be working in our garden, cooking out with some friends and seeing Sex and the City. I am the last person to see it and if I wait to see it next weekend with Supper Club I will know what happens!

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