Tuesday, June 17, 2008

{New Kids}

So a group of my girlfriends and I decided we wanted to go to the New Kids on the Block concert when the come to the ATL this October. I was the designated ticket buyer and I was ready at 10:00 AM to purchase 5 of the $35 tickets. Well low and behold- they sold out in like 10 seconds! That is insane! The dear boy on the end of the line at Ticketmaster kindly offered me the $75 ones, no thanks that is a bit much for a band that hasn't been around for 20 years. He didn't even know who they were, I could have gladly hummed him a few bars of Step by Step and I think he would have been an instant fan.

So, if anyone knows of {cheap} NKOTB tickets let me know. If the concert at Bobby Dodd stadium in 1990 was an indication of what amazing artists they are then I have not doubt that middle age boybanders will be an AMAZING show.

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