Thursday, April 3, 2008

{$100 Dawgs Win- Any takers?}

The G Day game is Saturday! I am so excited, I have been missing tailgating since the Fall. I love a cool and sunny Saturday in Athens in the Fall. There really is nothing better. I am heading to Athens with Momma, Marc, Cris and Ramsey. Sadly, Chad is working this weekend so we will be sporting our red and black without him. Now that David Green is gone I am really struggling with finding a player to cheer for. That was back in my single days when I so lovingly referred to him as my boyfriend, sorry Veronica. It was so fun to know someone on the team, someone that was so admired no less! I am a sucker for quarterbacks but Matthew Stafford doesn't do it for me.

If you are heading to the game give me a call, I am sure we will have some chicken salad and beam to share!

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