Friday, April 11, 2008

{Heading down the hill to 30}

A month from tomorrow I will be 27. That is 3 years away from 30, that is crazy! I feel much more like a 20 year old than a 30 year old...I will be the age my momma was when she had me, that also is crazy. (Sorry for spilling your age Big Val) I would love to have a mini prepster but our lives just don't accommodate that right now, I work over an hour from my house! I always thought I would have at least 2 kids by the time I was 30, nw I am hopeing for 1. Who knows that my 27th year, or is it my 28th year??, will hold but I am pretty excited for it!

In honour of the upcoming birthday I will make my favorite things be a sort of wish list. Or this will be my wish list for when I get my check from George W., hey I am so willing to do my part to boost the economy:

1. A PSA Stamp- right now these are only $27, that is 40% off! with the code 4mom. My favorites are Wallace, Dashwood and Larrabee, so cute!

2. Kate Spade Bag

3. Bonnano Emma Monogrammed Sandals- I really want these, hint hint Chad, in black with white whip stitch

4. Jack Rogers Navajo Sandals- these are a complete rip off of the Palm Beach classic Bonnano sandals but much cheaper...

5. Medium Land's End Tote in Navy with a Green Monogram

6. Monogrammed Turvis Tumblers- Marc and Cris gave us some of these for Christmas and I love them, I would love tons of them!

7. J Crew Gift Cards

9. Jack and Lulu Recipe Box- you can monogram it!I love the Red Tiles and Blue Club, so cute!

10. Vera Anything!


Polly said...

Down the hill to 30? Shut up! I'm 42 and better than ever! : )

One thing I have learned....there is no good time to have a baby. Your 20-something body is ready to make babies now. Consider going for it.

Preppy Money Penny said...

Catching up on old posts of yours--we're a year and 2 days apart. 26 was hard for me this year. I'm with you on thinking I would have 2 little ones before 30, but I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen!

I got Emma Monogram Bonannos for my birthday and LOVE them!