Wednesday, April 16, 2008

{Home Again Home Again Jiggity Jig}

What an exhausting 2 days, I swear I have never been this tired. Well, I never made it to Chicago on Monday, it was a comedy of errors:

  • I left my purse at home and didn't realize it until I was almost to the airport

  • There was traffic at at the airport so I missed my original flight

  • Got put on a new flight a hour later and had to stand in line to check in

  • Was corralled to the "special needs" security line so people with strollers and wheelchairs kept cutting in front of me

  • I finally got through security 20 minutes before my second flight and the train breaks down at terminal A- I had to go to D. I proceed to RUN through the airport, yes I was one of THOSE people...

  • Get to the gate with 3-4 minutes to spare- the plane is delayed and won't be there until 4

  • I stand in line to get rebooked, for the second time that day, How hard is it to get from Atlanta to O'Hare- aren't those the two busiest airports???

  • Missed my connecting flight so now I can fly to Cinninicatti and then leave there at 9:00, no thanks

  • Ask for them to take my bag off this flight so I can go home, wait 3 and a half hours and find out my bag went to Chicago

I got to Chicago at 8:00 yesterday morning and home last night at 10. I did see Jill from The Real Housewives of NYC so that was pretty awesome. What a couple of days!

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