Sunday, November 30, 2008

{What do you call a pretty girl at Georgia Tech?}

A visitor from Athens :)

On Saturday we went to Athens for the final game of the season to cheer on the Bulldogs as they took on the BIG instate rival, Georgia Tech. To say that the conditions were miserable would be an understatement- cold AND rain, but the company was great! My 16 year old cousin went with us to the game, I am trying to sway her to go to UGA so I can live through her! The game was painful to say the least, it is brutal to loose to Tech. I knew that we would have the Sports Illustrated curse! I do love my Georgia Bulldogs and hate to see the season end but the was a painful season to watch, I sure do hope that there are a lot of changes over the next year...

After halftime my dawgs were SUCKING- Tech scored 21 points in six minutes! I have never seen Coach Richt pull the team together during a didn't seem to work.

Lauren and me, freezing and wet!

Cris, Lauren and me tailgating in the parking deck to stay dry...

Lauren and me before we went and sat in the rain. Despite the weather we had a great time!

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constance said...

Wasn't that game miserable? It was sooo cold! Thankfully my fella and I had seats under the overhang. As for your friend Josh thinks the same way!