Tuesday, August 5, 2008

{Talk about pressure!}

The cover of Sports Illustrated? Yikes, that is a lot to live up to!

I know the Bulldogs have been in the news lately, for less than stellar reasons, and all I can say is kudos to his royal hotyness, Mark Richt. Unlike the Criminoles or Miami, we like to suspend our players and all that people seem to want to talk about is how embarrassing this is. People- these are college BOYS! Yes, they drink. Yes, they fight. {And because of said drinking they pee in public} They aren't stealing, hurting anyone or destroying any property. While they did make some poor choices, unlike me and my friends their poor choices end up in the newspaper. Not naming any names but a certain someone I may or may not be married to DID punch someone in Boars Head...just saying.

So boys, calm down and lay low for a while. Only 25 days to go and then the only thing they will be reporting on is your awesomeness!!!


BroncoMom said...

Lets hope Coach Hottie can keep our DAWGS under control until they can get on the field.
Hope that the SI jinx flies over the Bulldawg Nation and onto the Gators or the Vols - GO DAWGS!!!

TAG said...

HAHA. CrimiNOLES. I'm dying. Go Canes! :)