Wednesday, August 20, 2008


So Big Foot really DOESN'T live in the North Georgia Mountains? No shit Sherlock. Does anyone else find this story extremely bizarre? Did no one feel the need to do a little think call RESEARCH before publishing this story? Could they not tell by LOOKING at the creature it was a rubber suit? I am just in awe that this is even in the news. What, is Lochness in Lake Lanier now too? And Santa* lives in Royston next door to the Easter Bunny?

It was in the NY Times! Look at these people, NICE!! Do you wear camo so the Sasquatch won't see you hiding the woods?? What is the appropriate attire for tracking a half man half ape creature?

* I apologize if I just crushed your dreams of Santa. No Virginia, there is no Santa. That's the cold hard truth we all have to face...

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preppy little dress said...

i know it was all a hoax! what a waste of time and money!