Monday, August 18, 2008

{Love- 9}

That would be my and Jayme's record in T2 Tennis over the past two seasons. That's right folks, we haven't won once! If you add my and Chad's season to that I am 1-13, and I only have that one because Jayme and Stacy took the opponent out when they played them. I kid, I kid {but he really did get hurt in that match!}. I am not sure why we aren't winning, we are playing well and we are pretty evenly matched with our opponents. Last night we lost the first set 6-1, won the 2nd 7-5 {we were losing 5-3 and came back and won!!!} and then lost the 3rd set 6-0. I swear they weren't that much better than us, we must have used ALL our energy to win that 2nd set.

Once more match this season and then it is time for mixed doubles, look out T2 the Eubanks are BACK!!!

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