Friday, August 8, 2008

{1 Hour and 34 Minutes until the weekend!}

Date night was great, it is so nice to get to spend time together. It seems like we have been busy lately with work, tennis and such. Wednesday night we had our first Book Club meeting at our house and Chad was banished to the guest room to watch a movie.

We don't have much going on this weekend. Jayme and I have a tennis match tonight and then I think we are going to do something with our hubbies, hopefully we will win! Chad is working this weekend so I will just chill out. I really want to see Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants II, hopefully I will be able to sweet talk some of my friends into going and seeing it. Nothing else to report, we are laying low and not doing much. I am ok with that because the fall always seems to be so busy. We will be going to some football games and a wedding in Florida {Shout out to Caroline!!!} so I will take these low key weekends when I can get them!

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Kappa Prep said...

Lucky you who has less then two hours until the weekend. Hope it is wonderful and win that match!