Sunday, August 3, 2008

{Happy Birthday Charlotte!}

The birthday girl.

Charlotte is ready for football season, only 4 weeks to go!
Charlotte enjoying her birthday frosty!

This weekend we celebrated Charlotte's birthday, she was 2 years old yesterday! {Or as Chad sees her, 14 years old :)} She got part of Chad's frosty and yes, we sang Happy Birthday to her.

This whole saving money and not spending money has become an adventure! Yesterday we took all of our loose change to Coin star and cashed it in. We thought we had about $15-$20, nope $103! I also sold 3 items on eBay, $65 there! It is so funny how we have made this a game, we are trying to see how much money we can have in our checking account at the end of the month so we are getting creative in ways to get "fun money". Chad took his half and went to Zaxby's and the golf course, I am going to buy a dress for the beach wedding we are going to in September.


Buford Betty said...

Happy Birthday Charlotte!!!! What a sweetie.

And too funny - we totally did the coinstar thing the other day and got over $60! I was soooo excited! It felt like free money! I'm right there with ya on the budget thing... we're cuttin' corners like crazy.

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

Charlotte is too cute!

Thanks for stopping by, I've added you to my blogroll! :)