Tuesday, August 19, 2008

{Things that make me happy}

1. Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood- This show is so good, sue me. DONNA MARTIN GRADUATES {I so want that shirt}

2. Olympics- I am obsessed. I even watched the trampoline competition last night...

3. Football Season- 10 days in case anyone's is wondering...

4. The fact that Poochie works at the Chick and I can go eat lunch with him. For free. Hellz yea!!!

5. My clothes are all too big. {They won't be if I go eat with Poochie too many times}

6. Getting 38 miles a gallon.

7. The sign outside my neighborhood "Homes Starting from X"- X just went up 20k!

8. I am going to the beach in 4 weeks.

9. It is almost fall. I am SO over Summer, peace out and move on humidity.

10. The Beach by Jane Green and all Mary Kay Andrews books

1 comment:

Kappa Prep said...

Oh you have so many wonderful items on your list, go you!